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Las Vegas' Award Winning Web Designer
& Social Media Marketing Pro

Las Vegas Graphic Designer  |  Vegas Web Design  |  Social Media Marketing | UI/UX Vegas Web Design

Best Web Design 2021
Best Web Design 2022
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Best Graphic Design 2021
Best Graphic Design 2022
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An Innovative Brand Builder
and Creative Designer

In a city known for breaking conventions, Alexei "Lex" Foley stands as the Las Vegas web designer who personifies bold design and innovation. 

In a world flooded with ordinary, his designs are a tribute to the extraordinary. Lex doesn't just create; he crafts digital experiences that resonate with the audacious spirit of Las Vegas. Each design is a testament to the fact that standing out is not a choice; it's a necessity.

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Vegas Marketing Consultant · Las Vegas Web Designer · Social Media Marketing Las Vegas

"Alexei's work is vibrant and engaging, he's been a huge asset to our brand." Dave, Client

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"A one man creative team, he's amazing ." Mason, Client

You're a hard-working professional, trying to grow your brand. You're an expert in your industry. You know you need to market yourself, but you're not sure where to start. You try to do it yourself, but you get lost in all the internet advice. And watching countless hours of Youtube trying to figure out how to market your brand is only getting in the way! 

Have no fear, Alexei is here! With over 8 years experience, Lex has cultivated a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn't. His clients have come to rely on him, not only for visually stunning graphics and websites, but also for a tenured expertise in brand marketing. He's 3 team members in one! 

Best Graphic Designer Las Vegas · Vegas Web Designer Wix · Social Media Expert Las Vegas


Featured Project:
PVUMC Church Reinvents themselves with Lex Designs

PVUMC Church reached out and asked me to help them create a new, dynamic website.


Their old site had many issues. On top of the fact that the visuals were old fashioned, they needed a site that allowed streaming of worship services via BoxCast , as well as an integration of the Planning Center app. We shared many conversations about their goals, their needs VS wants, and more. 

My goal was to help this website reflect the kindness and warmth that their church values embrace. We absolutely nailed it! This project was in partnership with MyCityMarketing and Eric Lacasse, SEO specialist & consultant.

**Note: Some clients may make changes to their website after completion. Please excuse any differences between finished screenshots and live website. 

A Trusted Reputation, in Vegas and Beyond

Alexei Foley has worked with literally hundreds of clients. His portfolio spans from small business social media marketing,  to enterprise web design and consulting, corporate branding, and graphic design content for video games and beyond. His  specialty is bold, engaging artwork that captivates and inspires. 

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